Paranormal for Norfolk is a Norfolk ( UK) based paranormal research group. The group was set up by myself in May of 2016. Having had a life long fascination, and many experiences, of the paranormal it seemed a natural progression to step in to the world of research and investigation. I work with my husband, who is my tech person and a sceptic. We use various items of equipment,including full spectrum cameras and thermal imaging cameras.
If you are experiencing things you cannot explain, noises, smells, shadows, poltergeist activity, then please contact us. We can then come to investigate, with our equipment. We are discreet, respectful of you and your families beliefs and work confidentially.
It’s worth remembering that the majority of paranormal occurrences are in fact caused by “normal” and explainable things.
We investigate private residences, business premises, ruins, historic buildings….. anywhere! If you are experiencing the unexplainable, please contact us. All correspondence will be kept confidential.